5 Bedroom Furniture Ideas to Create A Dream Master Bedroom  

Modern Bedroom FurnitureYou will spend more than one third of your life in your bedroom, so it should be your favorite place to retreat to at home. Finding the best bedroom furniture design and décor doesn’t have to be a difficult task.  As you create your dream master bedroom, you will want a comfortable, relaxing, enjoyable space where you can find your zen. At Colorado Style Home Furnishing, we have high-end bedroom furniture that can fit any décor and design you can imagine. Here are five options for bedroom furniture ideas that will make your master bedroom your favorite room in your home!

Make Your Bed the Focal Point of Your Bedroom

The obvious focal point and main piece of furniture in any bedroom is your bed.  So, start with your bed and build your dream master bedroom around it. What size bed you will need and where will it be placed in the room? Consider the overall floorplan and where other pieces of furniture will be placed.  Be careful not to overfill the room and keep enough room to walk freely and easily navigate around your bedroom. Do you have a specific style of bed in mind? It is important to remember that your bed will set the tone and feel for your dream master bedroom furniture style and décor so pick something you are excited about.  We have hundreds of bedroom furniture ideas and styles from traditional to modern and everything in between so check out the many options when selecting the right bed you will love!

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Choose the Right Size Furniture for Your Floorplan

After choosing your perfect bed, it is time to consider bedroom furniture ideas for the rest of your bedroom. Consider the available space and how much room you will need to ensure you can navigate and keep the space from appearing cluttered. A larger scale bed with a large frame or headboard will add grandeur to your dream master bedroom but keep in mind that you will have other furniture including side tables, a bench and possibly a chair or seating area. Will you need an armoire or wardrobe to store clothes that don’t fit in your closet? Or maybe you will need a chest or dresser to store seasonal clothing? It is important to design your bedroom to meet your storage needs but remember you want your bedroom to be comfortable and inviting so don’t over-crowd the room!

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Focus on your Furniture Theme and Décor Style

As we continue with our elegant bedroom furniture ideas, it is important to keep your overall décor theme in focus. Are you going for a more modern look with neutral colors and straight-line designs? Or do you love natural looking colors and materials such as browns and wood grains? Make sure you are using a variety of textures that complement and work well together. Also, be mindful of your overall décor plan and make sure one piece does not detract from others or overwhelm your room. All of the bedroom furniture ideas and pieces you embrace in your bedroom need to fit together and create the overall feel you are looking for.  Use additional furniture pieces, like mirrorstables or stools to add some style, fun or classic elements to your bedroom. Each piece in your room should pull some form of inspiration from your central focal point, your bed! When all of the pieces fit together it works much like a puzzle. With help from the design experts at Colorado Style Home Furnishings, your bedroom will exude harmony and balance and add a feeling of comfort and elegance which is exactly what every bedroom needs!

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Multipurpose Furniture with Storage Options

Another way to plan a great looking bedroom layout is to choose pieces of furniture that can serve multiple purposes, such as storage and organization, while still creating style. You can use a table or desk that can serve as a vanity in the morning and work place in the evening. You can choose dressers and wardrobes that offer convenient storage, both for every-day items as well as those not used on a regular basis. We offer many bedroom furniture options that can serve multiple purposes. This can help you save space and keep your room clutter free. At Colorado Style Home Furnishings, we have endless options and can help you find the bedroom furniture ideas that work best for your room!

Add Details and Accessories

The final tip we have to offer those who are looking for the best furniture pieces for their bedroom décor is to not overlook the little details and small touches. This is your opportunity to bring your entire décor style full circle and complete the look you’re after. The little touches are what makes a bedroom unique and special and what makes it truly yours. Add accent pillows to your bed or a storage bench for a nice pop of color. You can even customize your furniture to give your bedroom an even more unique design. These special touches will finalize your look, so take the time to find the right accessories and add your own personal touch.

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Consult with Colorado Style Home Furnishings for Bedroom Furniture Ideas

To learn more about finding the best bedroom furniture ideas and seeing what will work for your specific wants and needs, visit us today. Our design experts are ready to help you so don’t put it off another day! Come see for yourself why Colorado Style Home Furnishing is the name more homeowners trust for all of their high end, top quality furniture needs!

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