How to Choose A New Bed That’s Best For You

Choosing the best bed for me

Nothing beats that feeling of relaxation you get when you sink into a comfortable bed at the end of a long day. You spend almost one-third of your life sleeping so make sure you’re spending that time in a bed that’s comfortable, beautiful and something you love. Choosing a new bed breathes new life into your bedroom, and the wide variety of bed styles available from Colorado Style Home Furnishings makes it easy to find the perfect bed for you. There are a variety of details to consider when you’re choosing a new bed. Besides the obvious considerations such as the size of your room and the size of your bed frame, there are many styles and options available that complement many different bedroom furniture decor possibilities.

Things to Consider When Choosing a New Bed:

Room size: It is always important to measure the size of your room to determine how much floor space you have available to accommodate an appropriately sized bed. Measuring will give you an idea of what size bed you will need. For instance, choose a small bed frame or a full-size bed with a room that’s low on space. Choose a larger bed, like a queen or king size, if you have a lot of room available. Always be conscious about having enough room for a walking path on the sides and at the foot of your bed. The amount of open wall space you have behind the bed also plays a big role in the feel of a bedroom. If your wall space is large and open, a tall headboard will enhance the room and add style to the decor. A lower headboard is ideal if you have wall hangings adorning the walls.

Your height: Your height is something to consider when you’re bed shopping.  For someone who is shorter or average height, a standard-length bed is likely to be comfortable. If you’re taller than average, you’ll want to consider an extra-long and be certain the bed is long enough so your feet don’t hang off the end of the mattress.

Bedroom decor: A bed is a major focal point in any bedroom due to its sheer size, so you want it to match your desired decor theme. Bed styles from Colorado Style Home Furnishings come in a wide variety of styles. You can choose a bed that embodies modern-contemporary, country farmhouse or elegant vintage styles. Then, pair the bed with an area rug and a dresser that complements it to create a finished look.

Quality construction: Your bed is more than just a place to sleep. It’s part of your home’s decor. It’s a statement on your personal taste and it’s an investment. Quality construction and a well-crafted bed delivers heirloom quality and lasts for many, many years.

Choosing a New Bed That Is Right for You

Upholstered Beds:

best upholstered beds near denver








Upholstered beds provide the style, a mixture of interesting textures and color. Choosing an upholstered headboard and footboard that compliment your bedroom color scheme is a fun way to add to your décor. You could also choose an upholstered bed in a neutral color that will blend with the decor in any room that is already established and decorated. Or if you choose a neutral-hued upholstered bed, pair it with a bold colored comforter or colorful throw pillows to add visual interest to the room. Upholstered beds bring a cozy, plush elegance to the bedroom.

Sleigh Beds

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Sleigh beds are designed to resemble the shape of a beautiful sleigh. The headboards stand tall and tower over the head of the mattress. Sleigh bed footboards have graceful sweeping lines that curve slightly inward. This creates an instant sense of curling up and being cozy under the blankets on a chilly night. Sleigh beds are typically built from sturdy solid wood with complimentary legs. They can also be customized in upholstered styles to match contemporary decor styles. Toss a plush stack of colorful throw pillows on the bed for a fun touch. Finally, consider matching the finish of the bed frame wood to the finish of your nightstand and dresser for a themed effect.

Panel Beds

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When you’re decorating a room in a rustic style, a panel bed may be just the piece of furniture you’re looking for. Panel beds combine the general graceful shape of a sleigh bed with the angular lines of a vintage style bed. Popular trends include distressed wood finishes and upholstered padding on top of the wood. For a more traditional look, accent your style with a thick cozy quilt to compliment your panel bed. Or, add a trendy flair to the room with a soft throw blanket, edgy wall art or fun unique lighting fixtures.

Canopy Beds

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The canopy bed selection from Colorado Style Home Furnishings combines elegant style with sturdy quality construction. A canopy bed makes a big statement with its high arching overhead rails and large presence. It requires a room with high ceilings and a lot of space. Always double check the dimensions of a canopy bed and that your space will accommodate its size; both the amount of floor space required and the ceiling height. Consider displaying a couple of mirrors, like the gold-framed Twiggy mirror, to create a spacious effect and open up your room to compliment your canopy bed.

Find the Perfect Bed for You at Colorado Style Home Furnishings

Bedroom furniture and accessories are as unique as you are. At Colorado Style Home Furnishings, it’s easy to find the pieces that are just right for your needs with over an acre of showroom space. Shop our selection of bedroom furniture at Colorado Style Home Furnishings to find pieces that refresh the appearance of your sleeping sanctuary. The available bedroom options are endless and include classic styles or trendy modern styles and everything in between. Plus, try the Colorado Style Home Furnishings room planner to help you picture exactly how each piece of furniture you’re considering fits into your home.


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