Nine Simple Steps to Make the Perfect Custom Built Furniture, Immaculate and Personalized Just for You

When you’re buying a new sofa, the goal is simple. We all want the perfect sofa: It’s not just comfortable but it also looks perfect, feels perfect and is made just for you. Literally. At Colorado Style Home Furnishings, we strived to offer you the very best furnishings with only the finest quality.  We also offer custom built furniture to fit YOU. Your character, your style and things you love…right down to the very last detail.

Our Custom Design Series

Our Professional Designers will walk you through ten simple steps using our Personal Design Series to create YOUR very own sofa. Your perfect look, your perfect feel and you take part in every step of the design process of your custom built furniture in just nine simple steps…


The first step in designing your own custom built furniture is to select your frame. Are you looking for a small-scale reading chair to put by the fireplace? Perhaps a cozy sectional to cuddle up with your family of six. A sleeper sofa for the loft upstairs. A comfortable lounging chaise to compliment the sofa you love.  A fun swivel chair to liven up your office.


When it comes to furniture, size definitely matters!  How many people gather each week for Sunday football that need to fit on that new sectional? Perhaps you need a perfect two-seater loveseat. While designing your furniture, it’s easy to determine if you need a standard size or a larger size. A standard size is perfect for more intimate gatherings and snugger spaces. Standard size sofas also offer smaller cushion depth for more petite people to sit more comfortably. The larger scale size is designed with a deeper seating area for taller people and longer sofas great for giving everyone as much room as they need.


Do you prefer a classic traditional look or more contemporary feel or a mixture of the two? Our design experts can help guide you in designing your custom built furniture with examples like a sofa straight cushion style, a perfect choice for a modern look. Or perhaps the t-cushion style which is a timeless design classic. Choose from one large seat cushion on your sofa or several individual cushion seats as your base. Focusing on a specific style can be great if you are upgrading your room and want to create a “focal point.” The basic style of your sofa can set the tone of your entire room.


At Colorado Style Home Furnishings, we offer thousands of fabric and leather options for your perfect sofa or chair. With the endless choices you are guaranteed to find the perfect fabric for you. Touch it and feel it. Cozy or smooth. The choice is yours!  If you have an active family, be sure to ask about our high-performance fabrics – the newest and greatest “wipe clean” fabric choices for the most active families!


The arm style you choose can change your sofa drastically which is why we offer many, many options during your design process. Choose from a traditional rounded panel option, a classic squared track look or even a modern scoop track for an interesting design element.  The arm you pick can really make your sofa stand out or pick one that can fit perfectly into an existing room, too.  There is a style for everyone’s personal taste and this is one step closer to completing your own perfect sofa.


If it’s your first time designing custom built furniture, you may underestimate how your sofa back cushion can completely change the look of your furniture! Choose a more “square look” with the classy boxed edge option, a comfier option with the scattered back pillows to cuddle up in or a more relaxed feel with the bed pillow selection.  Would you like one large pillow back or perhaps three or four smaller pillows to complete your perfect sofa. Keep in mind that function is just as important to how you plan to use your sofa will help determine the kinds of cushion styles you pick…and if you’d like comfortable firm cushions or an extra soft ultra-down cushion.


Do you like to see the leg or foot of your sofa? If so, do you like a large chunky foot? A tall tapered leg? A perfect round bun foot?  Perhaps you don’t want to see anything and would prefer a neat modern upholstered look or a more traditional pleated base to hide the loveseat legs altogether.  Buying furniture “off the rack” means you have little say in these kinds of choices, however customizing your perfect sofa allows you to pick every last detail of your absolutely perfect sofa.  This also includes the endless choices of colors for your sofa leg.  Perhaps the perfect charcoal finish to compliment your fireplace or antique linen finish to blend into the modern sheik look you’re after.


Now comes the fun part to make your sofa even more unique just for you!  It’s all about the small details that make a big impact.  The welt accents on your sofa follows the seams of your furniture and enhances the overall design. A beautiful welt helps the fabric of your furniture really “pop.”  Select a simple complimentary welt, try a subtle contrast welt or choose no welt at all. Add an even more personalized look with custom nailhead trim.  Accentuate the base of your sofa or the outline of the arms with beautiful antique nailheads or stunning nickel nailheads.  Choose to highlight the base or the arms or both with an added elegance plus you can pick from many different nailhead styles and colors, too!


Your last step emphasizes an even more personal touch to complete your custom built furniture and truly make it perfectly yours.  Don’t forget to have some fun with some accent throws or pillows. Sparkly, fluffy, fun designs, contrasting colors or personal designs. Add some texture, some pizazz or a little fun!  Add pillow fringes or welts for a little more charm! Don’t forget the perfect lamp or artwork to finish up the room!

Custom Built Furniture, Your Way

The design experts at Colorado Style Home Furnishings can help as little or as much every step of the way!  Your choices are endless and the ultimate goal is accomplished…the perfect sofa made just for you.  A design that nobody else has that you have personally created, designed and love!

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