Bernhardt Interiors

Bernhardt Interiors

Bernhardt Interiors reaches for an ideal — taking the idea of beauty in art to the pursuit of furniture making. Inspired by that artistic passion, this eclectic collection of items features fine craftsmanship, unique materials, a distinctly modern styling and its thoughtful details allow for an effortless sophistication.

Did you know?

Colorado Style Home Furnishings has the largest selection of Bernhardt Interiors on display in the Denver metro area and Colorado.

That moment of surprise when someone walks into a room, sees an object, and gets a feeling of some new possibility.  That’s the quality we want to capture in the pieces we make.  But, a good furniture design also has to honest and serve its purpose.  It’s a challenge. So, we call upon our core belief in craft and technology.  We work relentlessly on the details.  We put a huge amount of time, thought and care into each piece.  Welcome to Bernhardt Interiors.  Iconic furniture designed for a modern era and for you.  Express yourself.

Bernhardt Interiors Bernhardt Interiors Bernhardt Interiors

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