History of the drawer

Colorado Style Home Furnishings blends timeless style that has classic personality with a fresh interpretation that is comfortable and modern. Each piece is carefully constructed by craftsmen and artisans in the time honored tradition that is centuries old.

In the 17th century there were many changes in the design of furniture. A lighter less bulky look and the use of a drawer was developed. The opening on the top of a chest became inconvenient since what you wanted was always on the bottom out of reach. The solution was the shallow drawer.

Eventually the dovetail became the joint that is still preferred today for drawers in fine furniture. The shape of a dovetail is cut into a piece of wood and is made to fit perfectly into a groove that is shaped in the the other piece of wood. This joint has been proven to last for centuries. We can look back and thank the artisans and craftsmen of hundreds of years ago for their designs and the long lasting furniture that they created. Only the finest furniture today is crafted in this way and these valuable pieces will become the heirlooms for the next generations. 

Colorado Style Home Furnishings is Denver’s exceptional and innovative store to shop for  an outstanding array of what every home must have. We are the finest design resourse for all of Colorado. Remember that your home is never done..there is always more.  Surround yourself with the things you love.

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