Leather Furniture and Quality Leather Furniture Construction

Choosing leather furniture can be overwhelming.  Here are some furniture buying tips to help you make the best selection for you and your family.

The texture, feel, comfort and durability of leather furniture will pass the test of time. It is important to buy the best quality you can afford because leather furniture ages very well. Good construction is very important After all, leather is a major investment.


Tip #1

Start with the frame.  It should be kiln-dried and a hardwood such as oak, poplar or beech.  Softer pine wood construction will not last. It may begin to warp after a few years. Be sure not to purchase a frame made of particle board or plastic. Some inferior frames may even be made of metal.

 Quality furniture construction

Tip #2

 The frame should be corner blocked, double doweled, glued and screwed together. The joints of the frame take the most wear and tear. A sofa or chair that is held together by glue or staples and nails alone should never be purchased

Wood frame for leather furniture

Tip #3

 Check for the spring mechanism. Eight-way hand tied spring construction is the best tried and true method of supporting the cushions. The less expensive alternative is a sinuous coil which is used in budget construction of leather furniture. The least desirable is webbing such as you would see in patio furniture. Don’t expect this type of construction to hold up if you have children bouncing on the furniture. You will soon be replacing sofas of this quality. When you try out the sofa there should be no squeaking or creaking.

Eight way hand tie construction

Tip #4

The best kind of cushion is high density foam.  It can be wrapped with down for comfort. Some cushions have springs for support. Be sure to fluff your cushions regularly and rotate them for long lasting durability.


Tip #5

 The top layer of the hide is the best quality and is called top grain. This is very desirable for it will show natural variations with scars and wrinkles and is very strong and durable.  It is very supple and makes for a soft comfortable sit. Corrected leather is when the hide is sanded and then embossed so it looks natural but its imperfections have been removed. A hide is very thick so it can be split and the lower part can be used on furniture as well. This is not as durable and is used on less expensive furniture.

Leather furniture and quality construction

Tip #6

 Things you should know about the tanning process:

Fully Aniline Dyed is done on the finest of leather furniture and on the best full grain hides. The natural markings remain and the hide becomes very supple and soft.

Semi Aniline dyed is a process that protects the leather with a light top coat and the color and surface is evened out.

Hides that are not suitable for fully or semi aniline dying are pigmented leathers. They are great for heavy use and they are work well in offices or in family rooms.  Click here to learn more about fine leather furniture.

leather furniture in Denver

Once you get your new leather furniture home, there are a few tips to remember.

The placement of furniture in the room is very important. Leather should be placed at least 2 feet away from air conditioning and heating vents. Use a shield on your vents if necessary. It is a good idea to close the blinds or drapes during the day if your furniture is near a sunny window.

Direct sunlight is the enemy of leather furniture as the exposure to sunlight will cause fading and dry out the leather. Leather is a great addition to the ambience in your home. It will wear well and you will enjoy the many styles that are suitable for every taste.

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