Enjoy Spring with These Helpful Decorating Tips

Often, spring is associated with spending time cleaning your home, but it could also be the ideal time of the year to redecorate different spaces, especially if you are ready for something new, fresh, and attractive. If you would like to decorate a space in your home this spring, here are some great decorating tips that can help you make the perfect choices.

Start with a floral arrangement. Nothing speaks of spring like beautiful, colorful flowers used in any room of your home. Not only will these arrangements work as a design element in the space, but they can also provide color inspiration for the rest of the room. When you visit Colorado Style Home Furnishings and choose from our exquisitely crafted floral arrangements, you actually have a perfect springboard to create the whole room that you wish to redecorate.

Contemporary Sofa - Blue Fabric

Change up your bookshelves if you already have them or add new shelves if you do not. You can choose from exotic woods that will certainly make a statement in a room. If you like the intricate, detailed European styles for furnishings, then choose bookshelves with inlays, hand carved wood details, or anything to make them stand out. To lighten up dark woods for the spring, add accessories that make use of brighter colors. When added to the shelves, they will bring life to even the deepest shades of wood.

Choose a new color for the walls. One of the best ways to change the whole look of a room is to paint. For the spring, you will certainly want to consider light and airy shades, like a butter yellow or cool cream. When you paint a room such a bright color, your new choices for furnishings will certainly stand out in attractive contrast.

Consider new wall art as well. Remember that the art you choose should speak of your personality or heart. It should coordinate with the rest of the room, but it should definitely be distinctly you. Colorado Style Home Furnishings offers a variety of wall décor options so that you can freshen up your home for spring.

The springtime doesn’t just have to be a time to clean up your home. You can also use this opportunity to redecorate. Through simple changes, you can change the whole look of a room. Be sure to consider exquisite furnishings that will certainly stand the test of time. Additionally, do not be afraid of choosing dark woods even in the spring. You can just add in brighter shades for the walls and for accessories to contrast with the dark colors.

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