How to Blend Furniture Styles

Many people feel that all of the furniture and décor of a room should be in the same style. While this can certainly create an attractive, cohesive space, it doesn’t have to be your only option. If you have eclectic tastes, then you could certainly blend furnishing styles and create a whole new look for your room. With simple tips, you can mix those styles and design a room in your home that will be so attractive and eye-catching that you may wish to use the same idea throughout your home.

If you wish to blend classic styles from the 18th and 19th centuries with something more modern, the most important rule is contrast. So that these two different elements will work well together, they should include a mix of rounded and square shapes as well as thick or thin elements. In other words, a blocky table will look attractive with a thin-based lamp.

Use colors to bring elements together. If you wish to mix styles for floor covering, such as antique and modern patterns, in one room, then choose a paint color for the walls that can be found in both elements. This will ensure a cohesive feel for the whole space.

Blending Furniture Styles

Know that too much of one style can throw the balance off for the whole room. If you wish to blend styles, you have to create a true mix. That means avoiding an overabundance of one type. Instead, consider mixing several different styles for a large room so that the whole effect is a unique, cohesive look.

Visit the showroom for Colorado Style Home Furnishings. You can see how easy it is to blend styles through attractive and exquisite furnishings and décor elements. When you are able to actually stand in a room set up with the blend of styles, then you can actually see how to do the same thing in your home.

Blending Furniture Styles 2

It is certainly acceptable to use only one style of furnishing throughout a room if you have a specific preference, but you do not have to be limited to this. You can blend furnishing and décor styles in a room and create an attractive look for the space. To do this, you need to include one cohesive element, like a wall color, that will bring the styles together. You also need to blend the right elements to work in contrast with each other. By mixing evenly, you can use different styles in one room affectively.

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