Let There be Light!

Let There be Light!

You have picked the perfect piece of furniture, artwork, rugs, mirrors and other décor in your home but your room is not quite finished;  Don’t forget the lighting! The decision between led lighting, floor lamps or table lamps may be the single most important element to complete your room. When properly applied, lighting can establish the mood, highlight special pieces in your home  and make living room designs (or any room!) not only functional but also drop-dead gorgeous. Keep these things in mind when picking the perfect lighting for your room:


 • Ambient, also known as general, lighting is used to brighten a room after the natural daylight has receded.  Ambient lighting comes from all directions in a room and has no visible source.  It is in contrast to directional lighting.  There are many decorative options in this arena, ranging from chandeliers to Led lighting and table lamps, recessed lights, hanging pendants or a floor up light, often referred to as a torchere lamp. Hurricane lamps can also help with final touches that are personal and unique. 

table lamp with silk shade

 • What will the room be used for? Homework, hobbies, cooking and reading will require specific, bright lighting to illuminate the task at hand. Floor lamps and table lamps are an easy, convenient way to light a specific area with style. A desk lamp or reading lamps offer elegant form and practical function, another great example to create down lighting with style.  Colorado Style offers many beautifully shaded lamps with form and function.


• Accent lighting is just what it sounds like; use it to bring focus to an arrangement of silk flowers, a piece of art, picture frames or an architectural detail in your room. Up-lights (small, bright lights placed on the floor) and track lighting are good examples of accent lighting. A penshell lamp is also a unique way to create a cozy ambient glow that invites you into a room.

table lamp with brass birds

• Lighting fixtures can also be part of the décor in a room; part function, part art, they shed light as well as bring beauty. Most often thought of for dining room lighting, chandeliers are dramatic and create a focal point for any room. Chandelier lighting can be a fantastic way to dress up a high ceiling entrance foyer or a master suite.  When shopping for a chandelier, chandelier lamp shades are as important as the chandelier itself to reflect elegance and light. For more important considerations when considering a chandelier, click here

At Colorado Style Home Furnishings, we offer endless lighting options along with design assistance to ensure you get the look you want. With lighting options ranging from a hurricane lamp with hand painted glass lamp shades to sophisticated faux antler lamps perfect for your mountain home to elegant classic eggshell lamps, Colorado Style Home Furnishings offers endless choices. A lamp not only completes a room but it makes it as unique as you are.  Colorado Style Home Furnishings offers hundreds of lamp shades including double silk shades, hand painted shades, hair on hide lamp shades and many more.  If you are looking for a more whimsical feel, a bronze lamp with stacked bronze turtles or a bronze cat chasing a bird are fun and entertaining options with intricate details guaranteed to create conversations.  We offer endless options of lamp styles including hand carved wood lamps, antiqued brass lamps, stone lamps, marble lamps, porcelain lamps, modern and contemporary lamps, European elegant lamps, penshell lamps and eggshell lamps.  Visit us today, our showroom offers more than an acre of fine furniture and accessories.

Colorado Style Home Furnishings is located in South Denver, 5 miles west of Park Meadows Mall.

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