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In this digital age, the library is still your sanctuary – an intimate space filled with books and precious objets d’art. The work day has come to a close and tonight there is a glass of something restorative from the cellar waiting for you, a roaring fire and chessboard set up for two. Traditional wing armchairs in fine leathers are placed invitingly near the fireplace.

In the background is the steady crackle of an open fire. Lamps are emitting a comforting glow which is reflected in the sheen of fine veneers reminiscent of a by-gone age. Candlesticks contain classic white candles awaiting the strike of a match.

Your library reflects your tastes and experiences, from your love of Italian arts which is reflected in the bookcase to your appreciation of English heritage seen in the wide selection of fine home office desks. Discover the many possibilities at Colorado Style Home Furnishings where you will find innovative designs and and masterful finishes of the great furniture designers, artisans and craftsmen of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Library - Home Office


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