Small Space Living: How to Make a Room Look Larger

Just because a room doesn’t have grand-scale dimensions doesn’t mean it has to feel cramped. While small areas may seem hard to decorate at first, there are a few simple tricks that can instantly open up a space:

  • Keep it Light: Light colors – especially soft greens and blues – make a room feel larger.
  • Furnish Wisely: Keep in mind that it will make your room seem smaller than it already is if your furniture is too large. Select furniture that fits well in the space and can be placed up against the wall— the more walking room you leave, the better. Focus on a few key pieces that you love, rather than several small pieces of furniture to avoid a cluttered appearance.
  • Stay Organized: Removing clutter and keeping your space tidy instantly opens up a room and creates a sense of calmness.
  • Light the Way: The right lighting will draw people into a space and put them right at ease. Let the natural light shine through your windows as much as possible to brighten up the space, or add lamps or ceiling fixtures to create the desired ambiance.Unique and original style shades can give a room a beautiful ambiance. Innovative penshell or ostrich eggshell shades can create a softer glow with an intriguing texture. Colorado Style® offers a brilliant assortment of lamps, chandeliers and floor lamps.
  • Reflect Well: Mirrors and reflective surfaces create the illusion of a larger space. Add a large framed mirror to your wall instead of several small paintings, or choose furniture with mirrored accents. Mirrors open up space and make a room have a beautiful feel.

Decorating is all about creating a certain ambiance. Using these five simple strategies can help you achieve an open, airy atmosphere.

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