Make your Dining Room the best room in your home

The air in Colorado is getting crisper. Fall is well on its way. Before you know it, it’ll be time to welcome family and friends into your home to gather for another Thanksgiving. For many families, that also represents one of the few times during the year that we use our formal dining room. Once a mainstay, formal dining rooms fell out of favor almost to the point of extinction, but that trend is now starting to reverse. More and more families are starting to see the dining room as less of a space for formal special occasions, and more of what it’s always been meant to be – a place for gathering. As a result, trends in dining room designs are moving towards creating comfortable, livable and inviting spaces. At Colorado Style Home Furnishings, we’re big fans getting people together and creating memories. Here is some advice on what you can do to get your dining room ready for Thanksgiving and create a room that you and your family will love being in, even when the turkey isn’t on the table.

Mix It Up.
Express YOUR personality by mixing and matching. There was once a time when dining room furniture was only bought in sets and every single piece matched. The idea of having a chair stained in a different color than the table was not an option. Thankfully those days are long gone and you can personalize YOUR style by creating the perfect room you want without having to worry about adhering to any of the old boring rules. Your dining room is all about creating a gathering space centered around a beautiful table and what you do from there is totally up to you. Adding a mixed set of chairs, rugs, buffets and accessories — from the table out — is a great way to create a reflection of YOUR personality and a less untouchable space in your home. Customizing your dining room is becoming more popular with homeowners both young and old. At Colorado Style Home Furnishings, we get great joy out of helping our customers create their dream dining rooms, beginning with dining table options with live edges, custom finishes and beautiful handmade base and leg styles. Mixed seating, while once unthinkable, has become extremely popular. Placing comfy, high-backed host and hostess chairs at the head and foot of the table is a big trend and a great way to mix up seating and create a unique look. Leather, fabric or a combination of both adds texture and warmth. Placing a bench on one side of the table is also a great way to add an eclectic touch plus it’s fun and kids love bench seating.

Look Up and Down.
Your table and chairs are understandably the focal point of your dining room, but thinking beyond them can go a long way towards creating a truly unique and enjoyable room in your home. It can be easy to overlook other important aspects of your dining room and that’s especially true for areas that sit above and below our usual sight lines. Lighting is extremely important. The type of fixture you choose for your dining room has a huge impact on how the room comes together. For good reason, chandeliers are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. A beautiful chandelier above your dining set provides a visual break in the long lines of the table and helps bring together the design by adding to the central focal point. It’s also an elegant way to brighten your eating area. Consider adding a dimmer to your lighting in order to have the option of tailoring the room lighting to each occasion from romantic dinners for two to a large gathering of friends and family. An area rug is another accessory that can have a big impact on the overall look of your dining room. Much like a chandelier, a beautiful rug helps emphasize the central focal point of your room. Dining room rugs are a great way to express your creativity and your rug can make a great jumping off point for a splash of color and also complimenting your room décor. Always make sure to “think big” when picking a rug for your dining room, as you want to be sure that the rug is spacious enough to allow chairs to be moved in and out without snagging on the edges.

It’s All About the Experience. As a society, we love food, so it’s no surprise that we’re moving towards spaces that focus on creating the best possible eating experience. The days of filling a dining room with fancy, ornate furniture and accessories only to be used on the most formal of occasions are over. Instead, the dining room is becoming a room in your home designed to create an inviting, enjoyable place to eat– a revolutionary concept considering dining is right in the name. One major benefit of that trend is that there aren’t any rules. People are creating their ideal dining rooms by letting their creativity, personality and expression flow freely. The result is less intimidating, welcoming, comfortable and livable dining rooms that people actually want to spend time in. Rather than sitting empty for 363 days out of the year, the dining room is a special room for families to gather. After all, making memories and spending time with family and friends is what the dining room is all about, whether it’s Thanksgiving or any other day of the year.

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