The Art of Area Rug Making

Looking to elevate the look of your room.  Start with a beautiful area rug.  A great area rug can transform a room and add just the right ambiance and style. An area rug can even ignite a creative direction for an entire home.

Our extensive gallery of rugs  is a treasure trove of beautiful rugs that use a subtle array of textures and patterns and colors that are available in the perfect size for your room.  Each rug slowly tells a story. Stories passed from generation to generation, carrying with them not only heritage but pride of culture and craftsmanship. They are created using techniques by skilled artisans and are of the finest quality.

The construction and beauty is exceptional and the variety and choices at Colorado Style is extensive.

From museum quality hand knotted pieces to power loomed and tufted construction, from the finest silk fibers to cotton and jute, the rugs at Colorado Style Home Furnishings are a refreshing addition to any room.  Grounding your setting with a rug  makes the room and the design feel complete.


Area rugs are to a room like jewelry is to a beautiful outfit. They are an anchor for the area and pull the space together to transform the floor into functional art.. Colorado Style’s affordable prices and quality make it easy to pick out the perfect rug to compliment your décor.

An important design accessory for your room, our beautiful rugs will give you years of lasting enjoyment and wear. A rug pad should be used to minimize wear and tear on your rug and it will help to provide fiber damage.  It will also help to stabilize the rug on hard floor surfaces.

Step into Colorado Style Home Furnishings and your imagination will come alive.  Our styles offer the utmost in comfort and craftsmanship yet we aim to create rooms that are visually unique.

Hand knotted rugs typically have more defined and distinctive design that Hand Tufted or Power Loomed rugs.  This has to do with the way they are made and the knot size.  The smaller knot, the more detailed the rug is.   Hand knotted rugs are like fine art for the floor.  Each rug is hand made… because of this, every rug is technically “one of a kind”.


Hand Tufted rugs are hand made rugs that are more affordable than a Hand Knotted rug… the construction process of using a tufting gun rather than tying each knot by hand saves time and reduces the end cost of the rug.    You can identify a Hand Tufted rug by the canvas backing – this backing is sealed on at the end to protect the wool and keep the rug intact.

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