Tips to Decorate your Living Room – Add a Focal Point and Texture

Here are some more tips you should consider when decorating your living room.

Add a focal piece to your living room decor

Start with a focal point piece for the room.  This will create an impression, and give your eye something interesting to look at.   The focal piece can be a piece of artwork, a bronze or something whimsical. It should be something interesting, captivating and something that draws your visitor into the room.  The effect of a good focal point piece is that your visitor will want to see more and be drawn into the room.  Let the focal point piece speak to you and be an outward expression of your style.

Add a bit of texture -Decorating

When you are decorating your home you don’t have to consider texture in every item that you include in a room.   However, if you use contrasting elements throughout the space, texture adds dimension and visual interest. The best way to accomplish this is through fabrics and textiles.

animial print rug

Contrast is key to using texture in a room.  For example, throw pillows could be a pleasing mix of coarse and smooth, soft or hard, satin or patterned.  Easy ways to do this include:

  • Place a patterned blanket or afghan on a smooth, fine leather arm chair.
  • If you have cold, hardwood floors, add an animal print plush rug for visual interest.
  • Mix up throw pillows on a sofa or armchair.
  • Use a piece of furniture that introduces a new medium to the room such as stainless steel or etched brass.
  • Add a piece of furniture that has metal and wood.  The contrast of cool mixed with the warm wood tones will dazzle.
Accent chair

Click on the image for more accent chair ideas

Lighting can even be used to create texture through interesting patterns for the lamp base and even details on the shades.  Click here for more ideas with lighting.

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