Tufted treasures: 3 ways to pull the design trend into your home

Tufting, an age-old upholstering technique, is a timeless trend that has the power to make a profound impact on any room in your home by adding an extra element of dimension.

Upholsters achieve the look by pulling, folding or sewing in a contoured pattern — forming diamonds and squares. While tufting is a classic trend (it originated in England and France as early as the 1300’s), designers today have taken a modern approach to the “buttoned up” look with modern lines on headboards or plush fabrics on seating.

The two showrooms at Colorado Style Home Furnishings display how a leather tufted sofa or chair, for example, can instantaneously lend a refined feel to your living room.  A soft, cushioned tufted headboard can give your bedroom a plush makeover. Or, dining chairs with subtle tufting details can be a sophisticated guest at your dining room table.

Here are a few ways you can incorporate the tufting trend in your own home — ranging from handsome leathers to a luxe accent chair in one of the season’s most popular home decor colors.

Try it on a headboard:

A custom headboard is a sure way to makeover your bedroom and infuse a luxe feel. Pull in the tufted trend with a deep brown, rich leather headboard and coordinating tufted bench for an especially distinctive look. Or, for a more modern interpretation, try the trend in a lighter neutral — and introduce extra dimensions to your bedding with a mix of patterned throw pillows and pops of color on your duvet cover or comforter.

Tufted Bed Leather Tufted Bed Tufted Bed

Take a seat:

A tufted chair can bring interest into your living room, giving it that extra “wow” factor. One of 2015’s favored home decor colors is blue — ranging from subdued indigo to bold azure and we don’t see that color trend going away anytime soon. Perhaps try combining two of our favorite design trends, both of which having staying power, by adding a chair with tufted details and gorgeous blue hues. The power combo, especially when set on top of a patterned rug and accented with a silver accent table, is the formula for a stylish living room statement.

Tufted leather sofa Fabric Tufted Chair

Another option? Warm up a room with a leather tufted chair. It’s cozy, certainly. But it also has the ability to lend a sophisticated and uniquely Colorado feel to your living room (or even home office). For a classic apres-ski kind of feel that is reminiscent of Colorado’s luxury ski towns like Aspen, add on a handcrafted pillow.  Colorado Style Home Furnishings has unique throw pillows that pay homage to the state, including ones that say “Meet you at the lodge” or are decorated with hand-painted pinecones.

Pull up a chair:

Make your dining room feel especially inviting with chairs that feature elegant tufted buttoned details and curved silhouettes. Tufting on the back of chairs adds a level of comfort that your guests will surely appreciate, whether you’re hosting a dinner party with friends or a holiday gathering for family. Tufting on chairs can also bring in a beautiful dimension to your dining room, creating a lovely juxtaposition when pulled up to handcrafted wooden table that features classic lines.

tufted dining chair Tufted Settee Bench

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