Home and Accents

The Thrill of the Find

Discover the unexpected. You weren’t looking for it. You really didn’t know you needed it…but there it is. That whimsical piece that sets your house apart from all the rest. That unexpected piece that brings drama to your neutral environment. The accent piece that expresses who you are.  The pairings of color that you never thought you would use. Creating a beautiful home is all about attention to detail, adding romance, texture and color. Surprise yourself and make a dramatic statement!!! Exciting and unexpected with timeless attention to detail is what Colorado Style® is all about!! Whether  you are searching for transitional furniture, mountain modern, Tuscan, or updated traditional our expert design team will guide you every step of the way. From living room furniture to dining room, from bedroom to home office, explore our exclusive Home and Accents® design gallery for inspiring new design ideas.