Create Your Perfect Dining Room with a Custom Dining Room Table

At Colorado Style, we are committed to providing our customers with the most luxurious, top-of-the-line brands for every room in your home including the most fun and entertainment centric room of the house: your dining room. To make it perfectly yours, we take it one step further by giving you the power of customization. Our professional designers are here to help you every step of the way by designing your own custom dining room furniture, including your own personalized custom dining room table and dining chairs.

Let’s begin with the main focus of your dining room: your custom dining room table. This is the perfect place to start when planning your dining room space. Tailoring your table to our helpful “Do’s and Don’ts” from our recent Colorado Homes article, you can make your new dining room into a personalized and stylish retreat for your friends and family.  They will not be able to stop talking about the impressive gathering you’ll be hosting.

Check out the follow simple do’s and don’ts to make your dining room perfect…

DO Buy a table that appropriately fits you dining space.
How many people regularly dine in your home? How many guests do you have over for dinner? Does your table need to extend to offer additional seating for special occasions? If so, our Tuscnay Trestle Extension Table would be perfect for events of different sizes. custom dining room tableCoupled with a beautiful rug and custom upholstered chairs, your dining room will have an air of sophistication like no other. Once you’ve consider the appropriate number of seats that should be at your table, next we will focus on the amount of space available in your dining area. Your custom dining room table shouldn’t make your dining room feel crowded. Don’t forget to account for any extra chairs you will need for your guests, too. Aside from the chairs, there might be other furniture you’ll need in your dining room for additional storage for plates, chargers and wine glasses.  A beautiful buffet or stunning china cabinet may need to be added to your dining room so be sure to keep that in mind when considering overcrowding and dining room table sizes.

DO Accentuate your dining table with a rug and artwork.
Regardless of the type of flooring you have in your dining room, a great way to highlight your dining table is adding a rug underneath. This is also a great way to add a pop of color.  A carefully chosen rug that reflects your taste and style can give your dining room a more personal touch.

For instance, a Persian or modern rug underneath your table can dictate the ambiance and sophistication of the room.  In addition, the artwork you select will help set the mood and create just the perfect feel in your dining room. Imagine one of our beautiful Amore floor coverings adorning your floor underneath a rich colored wood table. The walls feature beautiful hand painted artwork that your guests can admire as they toast you for throwing an elegant dinner party. The accessories you choose to accentuate your table play largely to the character of the room and are therefore an important aspect to consider when designing you dining room.

DO Choose the perfect lighting.
There are many choices when it comes to lighting including ceiling fixtures, chandeliers, wall lamps or lanterns. Lighting fixtures are another great dining accessory that can work with your custom dining room table. Choose lighting that reflects the personality of the room and the custom dining room tableoccasion.  Add a funky table lamp on a nearby accent table or go with a more professional and formal ambiance with an ornate chandelier.

What better way to impress your guests with a beautiful, yet unique chandelier, such as the Bastian Chandelier, paired with alluring artwork and a beautiful, understated table. Your lighting accessories are meant to be bold and attention grabbing while also being practical by providing the desired amount of light for your dining space.

DON’T Go for an oversized dining table.
Just because it fits, doesn’t mean it works for your dining room. Consider the other furnishings in your dining room and tailor your custom dining room table to not only fit inside the room, but fit well with your other furniture and decor. A nice flow from the chairs and table to the doorway is essential for pulling off an exceptional dining space and experience for your guests.

DON’T Forgo a rug.
Do you have beautiful hardwood flooring in your dining room? Your instinct may veer away from adding a rug and not wanting to cover it up, however, your dining area will fall flat without the added texture and visual interest that is presented with a beautiful handmade rug. As mentioned earlier, a rug is a great way to customize your dining room and show off your personal style. Choosing a rug that goes well with your room is also essential in giving your guests a consistent visual interest at your next dinner party.

DON’T just pick any bulb to light your dinner.
Good lighting can set the mood in your dining room and the guests sitting around the table. Unambiguous lighting will make your dinner boring. The right lighting fixtures will foster a wonderful atmosphere your guests can’t ignore while livening up the party.

Use Our Custom Design Program for Dining

At Colorado Style Home Furnishings, it is easy to create a custom dining room table through our custom program for dining options. With this option, you can pick your own style and preference while designing the space virtually.  It’s simple and with a few clicks just follow these steps…

  • Select your style.  Do you like a casual, modern-contemporary, traditional or transitional look with your custom dining room table? Customizing your table to chairs you already have from your grandmother will be a very different style than creating a contemporary style with a metal and wood mixture.  Your style will custom dining room tabledetermine the overall look and feel for your dining room and the what table will be best for your needs.
  • Select your material and type. Choose from many different materials such as a live edge table, stone, zinc metal, copper top, glass or solid wood table top. Depending on the size of your dining room, you can choose between a rectangular or round table. Many of our tables are available in a variety of finish options.  You can also select the material for your dining chairs here as well.
  • Determine the size. Once you’ve completed the basics, you can choose the dimension of your table and number of chairs you’ll need. Do you want a table that can seat 6 people or 12? Do you want the table to extend to seat more?  Or maybe you would want a round table for a more intimate conversation? Perhaps you’d prefer a bar top table for your kitchen area. The choice is up to you!
  • Check your design. The custom design program at Colorado Style Home Furnishings can be accessed online for your convenience.  You will be able to input your dining room layout, which will help you determine the right dining table size.  With our Room Planner feature, you can redefine the space to mirror your current setup and add your chosen dining table and other furnishings to get a better idea of exactly what it will look like. You can save your dining room layout or send it to a friend via email for them to check it out. You can print it out as well, so you can have it with you once you visit our showroom.

Choose Colorado Style for Your Custom Dining Room Table and More

The perfect dining room is waiting for you, from creating your very own custom dining room table! Not only do we offer the expertise and tools to help you customize your dining furniture to your liking, we also have design experts available to assist you in making your dining room a beautiful focal point for you and your guests to enjoy. Check out the wide range of dining table options offered by Colorado Style Home Furnishings today. After all, nothing says luxury like customization.

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