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If you’re looking to impart a high-end look in your living room, a leather sofa is a perfect choice. This luxurious material improves with age as it gets softer and more supple over time. When you treat it right, a leather sofa can last you for many years. This buying guide will teach you more about the beauty of leather sofas, the various types available, and some tips for great design. Don’t buy your next living room furniture without discovering how and why leather can benefit you.

Benefits of Leather Furniture

Benefits Of Leather Furniture Denver

Leather is exceptionally durable, which makes it a top choice for many people. This natural material is made by removing and treating animal skins, usually from cattle hides. The way the leather is processed will change its look, durability level, and the way it feels when you touch it. With proper care, leather is one of the most durable materials available thanks to its natural water-resistant properties. This means it’s a lot easier to clean if you happen to spill something on your new sofa. Most types of leather are quite breathable, offering you a comfortable place to sit and relax even when the weather is warm.

As your leather sofa “ages” it exhibits a natural patina that highlights its rustic properties. Since leather is naturally tough, it can handle a lot of heavy wear and tear without worry. Scuffs and scratches tend to add to the character of the sofa rather than detract from it. The look of leather also gives your home a much more distinguished look. It’s a beautiful choice for sofas as well as accent chairs and loveseats. You can easily incorporate leather furniture into any type of space without worrying about it clashing with other pieces.

Types of Leather Sofas

Types Of Leather Sofas Denver

Leather sofas can come in a huge assortment of styles that range from modern and sleek to comfy and classic. The design of your leather sofa can vary based on your taste, but what’s really important is the type of leather that is used for the upholstery. Here are the various types of leather to help you determine which will be best in your living room:

    • Full-grain:

      This type of leather is the smooth, outer layer of cowhide that features a soft second layer underneath. This leather is extremely durable and a bit stiff, however, it’s also very breathable. It can fight off moisture absorption, making it an excellent choice for busy households. Full-grain leather exhibits a beautiful worn patina as it begins to soften and wear over time. This form of leather is in its most natural state and features subtle variations in color for a raw aesthetic.

    • Top grain:

      Derived from the smooth outer layer of cowhide, this type of leather is also extremely durable and incredibly smooth. It does not include the second layer underneath, which is what distinguishes it from full-grain leather. Top grain is thick and pliable and will soften over time. On furniture, top grain leather is usually sanded to give it more pliable properties, and then it’s treated with a protective coating that makes it easy to wipe clean.

    • Split:

      The lower layer under a top grain cowhide layer is known as split leather. This leather is extremely soft and supple, and it’s the same material that suede is made from. You may not see split leather used as often for sofas since it’s a bit thinner and more delicate than other forms of leather.

    • Bonded:

      Ideal for many furniture styles, bonded leather is made of scraps that are bonded together using an adhesive. The leather pieces are then pressed into a large sheet that is heated during the production process. Bonded leather can be embossed or imprinted with different patterns and designs, making it a unique choice for living room furniture.

Leather Sofa Colors & Design Tips

Leather Sofa Colors Design Tips Denver

Traditionally, leather sofas were made in neutral colors like beige, tan, dark brown, or black. While these are still popular options, today’s modern leather furniture can be dyed in a range of unique colors. If you prefer something more modern, consider a leather sofa crafted in a bold hue like bright red or even a sunny yellow. Dark blue and green are excellent options for rooms where you like to use color but don’t want to go overboard.

If you want the sofa to appear high-end, select something with rolled arms, sleek nailhead trim, and tufted accents. A curved or arched back will also bring your living room furniture a sense of refinement and high style. For casual households, choose a reclining leather sofa or something filled with generous cushioning. Keep comfort in mind if you prefer something that looks beautiful but will also be used a great deal. Consider the different types of leather sofas so you can decide which one will hold up well to heavy activity in your home.

Leather sofas look gorgeous in a sitting room or sunny reading nook. You should consider your color selection carefully to ensure that it matches your wall colors and the colors of other furniture pieces. For example, a dark leather sofa looks enticing in a home office area or a study. For living rooms where people gather, try something in a lighter style like a nice tan or if you’re feeling brave, a white color. Gray has become a popular choice for many homeowners. You can use this color sofa just about anywhere thanks to its contemporary aesthetic and versatility.

Mix and match materials when you want to incorporate a leather sofa into your home. You can choose something with wooden sides or metal legs to give the piece a nice mixture of different design elements. For a large living space, consider a reclining sectional leather sofa that can comfortably seat the entire family. Thanks to its beauty, durability, and versatility, it’s no surprise that leather is still a staple that can be found in living rooms all over the world.

White Leather Sofa Denver

Grey Leather Sofa Denver

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