Outdoor Living Trends of 2019 – Custom Patio Furniture and More

With spring upon us and summer just around the corner, it is time to take entertaining outdoors and enjoy the warmer weather and fresh air. If you frequently use your patio to entertain your guests, then you should consider sprucing up your outdoor space and checking out some of the hottest trends everyone will be enjoying this summer. One of the hottest trends this year is custom patio furniture that is made to fit your patio, your entertaining needs and your own personal style.

Custom patio furniture is the trend that will never go out of style. You can make your patio furniture reflect your own style and wowing your guests at your next party. What’s more is you can use our custom design series to follow other outdoor living trends as well. Read below for the hottest 2019 patio trends that you can try right now.

Go for Sectionals

Make your patio a beautiful extension of your living room. This can be done by giving your patio a rich look with deep comfortable sectionals to snuggle up on. Custom sectionals have two advantages; they can seat a large number of your guests while giving you the ability to rearrange and give your patio an updated cozy new look.  Stunning sectionals like the Sullivan Sectional can give your guests comfort with a clean fresh look.  Fantastic style is something this great piece also brings to your outdoor space. Your guests will feel like they are at a five Star Resort and beg you to host get-togethers all summer.

Expand Your Living Room…Into Your Patio

Expanding your indoor entertaining space into a comfortable extension of your living room is a logical solution to tying your home together. Try using some daring colors like green and blue for your custom patio furniture. These colors will not only add visual interest to your outdoor space, but it can also complement your surroundings and make a statement. Is your patio surrounded and shaded by trees? If so, you can incorporate green upholstery. Your color choice can affect the ambiance of any gathering and in the case of your outdoor patio, it is best to go bright. Bright and light colors have a calming effect, so your guests can lounge on your luxurious patio furniture while in a serene atmosphere. Need help visualizing what colors and fabrics would look best on your custom patio furniture? Take advantage of our custom design series for patio furniture where you can choose your own style, body fabric, and pillow fabric, along with your welt and finish.

Give Your Guests Places to Sit

It goes without saying that if you are inviting guests over for any outdoor event, make sure that they are well accommodated. Part of that is accounting for seating. Do you have enough seats and tables for your next get-together?  Some of your guests might not want to squeeze themselves into sectionals so always have stools or ottomans nearby. It is best practice to have more than enough rather seating options than not enough. Get cozy on a Tommy Bahama Kingston Sedona that can make a good addition to any outdoor space.  Say goodbye to your old benches in the backyard. Replace them with chairs that you can move around like stools and ottomans. Give your patio an extraordinary look with a lean and elegant dining table by Tommy Bahama.

Consider Your Entertainment

It is essential to set your patio up for success. What will you and your guests be doing at the next gathering on your patio besides admiring your custom patio furniture? If you like to mingle with cocktails, then you may want to consider including a bar with your patio setup. Or perhaps you like to play cards and board games, and it would be nice to have an outdoor cabinet to house these items along with a large patio table to accommodate guests while playing. These are some things to consider when planning your next custom outdoor patio area.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize

In order to create an inviting and stunning atmosphere, you will need more than just tables and chairs on your patio. Accessorizing your luxurious patio furniture some personality, spunk and style. Add accessories that are both practical and appealing. Start with lighting. What type of lighting do you want? Do you want to customize your lighting? Do you want table lamps or floor lamps? Lighting sets the ambiance of a space, so make your patio alluring, even at night, with the right lighting fixtures.  Another great patio accessory that will tie your space together are pillows. To get the most out of this accessory, you must go for contrasting colors from your patio furniture. This creates optimal visual interest for your guests to rave over on their next visit. Pillows also create more comfort for your guests, giving your outdoor space a more luxurious feel.

A fire pit is another great patio accessory for your outdoor space. Imagine your guests lounging on your beautiful custom patio furniture laughing and talking around a cozy fire in your Cypress Point Ocean Terrace fire pit by Tommy Bahama. A fire pit can enhance the intimacy of the event by providing warmth and light, so don’t skip out on adding this feature to your outdoor space!

Know What You Want

When designing your custom patio area, think about what you want. What do you want to see in your outdoor living space? What do you want for your guests to see and feel when they visit you?  Do you want them to feel pampered and comfortable? Do you envision a low seating set-up, or bar stool seating? Would you like a round table or a long table? This is your patio and your space, so whatever you choose, make sure it reflects your personal style. If you are not sure where to begin with your custom patio furniture, ask the design experts at Colorado Style Home Furnishings. Explain what you want to see, and they can help you choose the best patio furniture for your home.

Have Fun with Our Custom Patio Furniture!

Once the summer arrives, you will find yourself and your family spending more time on your patio. Design your patio as if it is your living room. Make it comfortable. Give it your personal touch. Play with designs and combinations. Don’t be afraid to try new trends and custom patio furniture. Colorado Style Home Furnishings’ designer experts can help you every step of the way…from picking an upholstery design to selecting a full patio sectional to fit your space. At Colorado Style Home Furnishings, your options are limitless and we’d love to help!

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