A Simple Guide to Selecting the Right Reclining Furniture

Reclining furniture, such as recliner sofas and recliner chairs, have been popular for many years. They are the most comfortable seat in the house!  In the past, recliners were always very comfortable but certainly lacked in the style department. Most recliners were not sleek or tailored or stylish.  They had a simple lever on the side that was far from a fashionable statement. Recliners have changed! The introduction of luxury motion furniture has redefined the world of recliners. There are more choices than ever before that not only provide great comfort but can now be customized to complement the style and decor specific to your home.  Reclining furniture now offers luxurious style and comfort, which makes it a great addition to any living room or home theater.

Things to Consider When Shopping for Luxury Motion Furniture and Reclining Furniture

The key elements to keep in mind when shopping for luxury motion furniture or reclining furniture is style, power, and customization.  Check out these and some other great information to consider for your next reclining furniture purchase:

Room size:

It’s important to choose furnishings that fit properly in your home. Furniture that takes up too much floor area won’t leave you enough space to move around the room, while not enough furniture can leave your room feeling bare and sparse. Utilize your tape measure to determine the size of your room and use the Colorado Style Home Furnishings room planner feature to visualize your room, the furniture in it along with the décor to complete your look.  Our room planner can help you set up your room and indicate where you plan to place each piece of furniture. Enter the size of the recliner or motion furniture seating you’re considering and where you would like to put it. A good trick if your floor space is limited is to try a recliner chair or two as your main seating area or a small scale reclining loveseat. Smaller scaled frames with clean lines and classic styling can now deliver world-class reclining functionality to smaller living spaces.  If you have a larger room, consider bigger furniture like recliner sectionals, recliner love seats, and recliner sofa sets.

Regular or oversized:

Recliners come in different sizes to accommodate people of all shapes and sizes.  Being comfortable is the main reason to get a recliner so choose one that fits your body, your height and feels comfortable to you. At our furniture store in Denver, we offer a wide selection of oversized reclining options with extra width and extra height for taller individuals that are also designed to hold more body weight than smaller recliners. This is also a great option for full-sized people who need some extra room.  Our smaller scale recliners are great for petite or shorter individuals to sit in comfort with smaller cushion length and height.

Types of Reclining Furniture to Consider

What is your style? Are you decorating a fun, casual living room or focusing more on an elegant, more sophisticated look?  Are you adding one upholstered recliner or perhaps looking for a full room makeover focusing on leather reclining sofa or a sectional sofa and loveseat?  Depending on your needs and your style, here are different reclining furniture options to consider:

  • Recliner chairs:

    Our selection of reclining chairs is designed to be paired with other living room seating, but they work equally well as standalone seating in smaller rooms. A great feature of reclining chairs is individual comfort; each person has room to lean back, stretch out and relax in their own space.

  • Recliner sofas and love seats:

    Each reclining love seat or sofa provides seating for two or more people, with room to stretch out or cozy up staying close enough to share a blanket or the remote. When upright, your reclining love seat or reclining sofa will ensure the appearance of a traditional sofa or love seat.  Reclined, these furnishings deliver exceptional comfort.

  • Recliner sectionals:

    A very popular choice for larger families! The modern, trendy appearance of a sectional sofa is large enough to accommodate a lot of people but still has the comfort of individual recliners.  A reclining sectional lets you create intimate seating that provides a cozy atmosphere for family time. Or, you can arrange the sectional pieces to create a more open floor plan in your family room for an airy effect.

Power Features and Types of Controls:

There are two main types of controls for recliners: power buttons or old fashioned manual handles. Both offer the ability to recline however a powered control offers a smooth reclining function when you lean back and when you sit back up from a reclined position.  Motion furniture offers ease with a push of a button!  Power footrests, power headrests and optional lumbar support provide exceptional comfort with tailored designs.  Even the activated controls to precisely and easily adjust to your own personal comfort have style and elegance.

Customizing Luxury Reclining Furniture

At Colorado Style Home Furnishings, there is plenty to choose to make your luxury motion furniture exactly the way you want it.  Our design experts can help create the recliner you’ve always wanted by customizing some of the following features:

Types of Upholstery Fabric or Leather to Consider

At Colorado Style Home Furnishings, our newest collections of luxury motion furniture silhouettes provide the highest quality seating available in a wide variety of styles.  We offer premium leathers and fabrics ranging from timeless traditional to modern, from sleek to casual.   When you’re shopping for upholstered furniture, keep your family, your lifestyle and cleaning needs in mind. Our design experts at Colorado Style Home Furnishings are a helpful source of information and are always available to assist you if you have any questions.  The fabric and leather selection in our design center provides hundreds of textures, colors, and patterns to work with various decor styles. We also offer many different finish options and nailhead options so you can perfectly customize your sofa to your individual style!   Whether it’s a sofa, loveseat or a multi-piece sectional your searching is over with our large selection.

Natural vs. Synthetic fibers:

When picking your recliner material, it is helpful to consider natural fiber materials versus synthetic fiber.  Both have advantages depending on your needs.  A natural fiber upholstery fabric, like cotton and linen, are durable and breathable. Leather is also a natural material that’s known for quality and for adding a sense of warmth and stability to the room. These materials add beauty and texture to complement elements in your room.  Synthetic fibers are created to mimic natural fiber fabrics as well as to create unique, new textures. Microfiber is an example of a durable synthetic material that makes lovely, durable recliner options.  Some of our newest microfiber choices are also “wipe away” easy to clean and are perfect for larger families with children.

Recliner base and arm styles:

When you’re looking for reclining chairs or reclining furniture, simple things like the base or the arm style can drastically change the look of your furniture.  Recliner chair bases come in rocking and swivel gliding styles. Rockers are a great option for a rocking,  soothing back and forth motion. If you’re looking for a recliner that can have more movement, a swivel glider base will let you turn your chair without getting up or scraping the chair’s feet across the floor.  Luxury motion furniture also offers many different styles of “arms” for your furniture.  These arm styles include a rolled arm, track arm, scalloped arm or transitional arm.


Recliners called wall-huggers are ideal when space is limited. The design of wall-huggers lets you fully recline even if you only have a few inches available behind the recliner.  A perfect solution for small living areas!

Lays flat:

If you enjoy sleeping in your chair, you need to consider a full recline function that allows the seating to slide out until the surface is completely flat. Choosing a recliner that lays flat is like getting two pieces of furniture in one!


The way a piece of furniture is made can make years of difference.  Quality custom made furniture is durable heirloom-quality seating while cheaper seating may only last a couple of years. At Colorado Style Home Furnishings, we ensure our pieces are crafted to perfection with only the finest quality materials.

Reclining furniture and luxury motion furniture adds comfort and style to any home. The world of your grandpa’s recliner has come a long way!  With just a push of a button, modern features of motion furniture take a comfortable piece of furniture to the next level of comfort.  Shop the large selection of reclining furniture, luxury motion furniture and luxury motion reclining seating from Colorado Style Home Furnishings to see the latest innovations in motion furniture, reclining furniture or a classic recliner. Your comfort will never be the same!

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