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Colorado Style Home Furnishings introduces its newest collection Trails. Inspired by the pinnacle of cohesive design – nature – its name derives from nationwide trails and parks, and details such as wire-brushed oak, natural rope and genuine leather bring the outdoors to life in dining room, bedroom and occasional furniture.

As the world around us becomes more synthetic, people have a desire to connect with something real. Instead of rushing to the next appointment or constantly checking mobile devices, they want to bring back a connection to nature. In this increasingly artificial world, why not come home to something authentic, peaceful and timeless? That is the inspiration behind this collection.

Trails blends textures, colors and materials found in the great outdoors in a way that uniquely matches Colorado Style’s quality. Drawing inspiration from the Colorado Trail to nature paths around the Front Range of Colorado, each piece reflects unique designs found within national parks around the United States. The natural materials are reflected throughout the collection; a tree form is reflected on the posts of an étagère, the gray color of riverbed rocks on sofa pillows and the sandy tones of sediment replicated in the finish of a table.

The collection features five finishes: Sandstone, Highlands, Riverbed, Charred and Willow. Each piece is crafted by meticulous methods, some that were used over 200 years ago – like the welding of hand-worked metal to produce brass detailing. Most of the collection is made from wire-brushed white oak, featuring elements such as natural rope and genuine leather.
Trails includes a range of bedroom, dining room and occasional solid wood furniture that incorporates other natural elements, allowing each material to tell a unique story. From denim pillows to flannel upholstery resembling comfortable yet functional apparel, every detail in the collection is inspired by the authenticity of the outdoor lifestyle. Whether an active lifestyle or an aspirational desire, today’s consumer is gravitating to products and experiences related to nature. Trails offers the opportunity to bring the outdoor lifestyle into the spaces where they entertain, rest and live.

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