Bernhardt Furniture

Bernhardt Furniture has always strived to maintain a perfect blend between style and hand-crafted techniques in its furniture. Whether you want to create a traditional look or a modern approach, Bernhardt has items that fit any personal style and that work together seamlessly in a variety of rooms.  Upholstery plays a key role in this mix, and it’s another example of how Bernhardt is committed to offering endless options.  Fabrics and leathers alone let you make a special statement, but unique trims, wood finishes and nail heads also allow you to demonstrate a signature look.  In the end, what matters most is that you find the piece that will create the living space of which you’ve been dreaming.

Did you know?

Colorado Style Home Furnishings has the largest selection of Bernhardt Furniture on display in the Denver metro area and Colorado.

Traditions don’t have to be abandoned, but they can certainly be revisited.  Traditional furniture concepts have been reinterpreted to deliver pieces that make a more modern statement.

Bernhardt Living Room

Fine Craftsmanship

With its updated take on traditional, Bernhardt Furniture honors established furniture design, all while making its own contemporary mark.  While the shapes and lines feel familiar, each piece has a present-day feel.

Traditional Elegance

When crafting a fashionable collection, unique details can make a meaningful difference.

Bernhardt Leather

The beauty of leather is that it can be luxurious yet rugged, formal but casual. With frames of varying shapes and styles – and a bevy of leather options to boot – pieces can be created that fit a classic style or one that reflects more modern aesthetic.

Bernhardt Leather

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