Domaine Blanc

Introducing Domain Blanc
What  happens when neo-traditional sensibilities merge with classic forms? The result is Domain Blanc, a collection that provides subtle flourishes and a fresh take on tried and true designs.  Dove White, the collection’s unique finish is found on sandblasted oak veneers, creating a unique juxtaposition between a textured more casual finish and classic, traditional forms.  A Tarnished Nickel finish employed on hardware and metal offers warmth and sophistication and is a key trait of the collection, as it’s utilized in overlays, inlays, caps and ferrules.  White Quartz stone serves as an ideal complement to Domain Blanc’s finishes, providing an elegant accent on hardware and case pieces.

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Traditional Elegance

When crafting a fashionable collection, unique details can make a meaningful difference.  In Domain Blanc, many pieces feature metal tracery and quatrefoil shapes, which only adds to the collection’s distinctive allure.
Display Cabinet


Meticulously Crafted and Updated Classics

Though the classics are the classics for a reason, a touch of modernization often leads to tomorrow’s timeless pieces.  Every fresh take is subtle and serves one purpose: to ensure Domain Blanc is relevant today, and for years to come.
Upholstered Bed Bachelors Chest



A neo-traditional collection, Domaine Blanc offers a fresh take on time-tested forms. With their refined appeal and dramatic style, these meticulously crafted pieces brighten any living space and offer surprises at every turn.


Traditional elements like canted posts, scalloping and reeding merge with clean and sophisticated lines to create the collection’s singular look. Additional design details like Jacobean metal tracery and quatrefoil shapes are also found on pieces.


Metal stands front and center, used in overlays, inlays, caps, and ferrules. The Tarnished Nickel finish found on metal has a warm silver tone achieved through multiple finish steps. White Quartz stone also makes an appearance on pieces.


Hardware comes in a Tarnished Nickel finish with a warm silver tone. Many of the pieces also have a white quartz inlay, which gives a subtle pop. Oversized rings and a metal-shaped tassel round out the collection of unique hardware.

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