How to Add Texture and Color to Your Interior Design

When you are decorating a room in your home, two important things to consider would be color and texture.  They both belong in a space, but many people simply do not know how to use them correctly.  When incorporated along with exquisite choices in fine furnishings and home accessories, you can design a room that you will continually find inviting.

Add a touch of Color


red vase

Ciick on this image for more vases and accessory ideas.

Color can be used in several different ways and you can definitely consider choosing something bold and different even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone.  If you would like to add a brighter color to a room, but are not ready to commit fully, then consider painting one accent wall.  The rest of the walls should remain neutral with one wall offering a pop that will be eye catching and original.

Art Glass and Home Decor

Click on the image for more ideas using Art Glass.

To choose colors for use throughout the room, you need to consider one attention-getting piece such as:

  • A vase or piece of Art Glass
  • Silk Flowers
  • Wall Art or original oil painting

 Accessories for your living room

 Add something that will give you a place to start for color and decor throughout the space.  From that one item, you can draw colors to use for fabrics, walls, and much more in your decorations.

See our next blog for more on adding a bit of texture to your living room and home interior.



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